Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today, may I introduce my first recipe post! It's kind of weird that I never put recipes on here before because I love to cook, bake... make food. Today I made a yogurt parfait. Although the recipe might seem a little too easy, childish, simple... whatever. I like recipes that are easy enough for everyone, and easy to remake as your own.

                                                                        This is part of my lunch today. Yum!

Personalized Parfaits

-Fruit or a fruit sized filling ( I used frozen blueberries)
- something crunchy- I prefer granola, or a crunchy cereal
-yogurt, ice cream, pudding... whatever you prefer ( I used yogurt)

Get a medium sized glass and layer everything to your liking. I did cereal, blueberries, and then yogurt...
Eat it. That's all. It's super simple, and delicious.

Carameled apple parfait: Apples, caramel sauce, candy bar pieces, vanilla pudding. 
Trail mix parfait: Granola, raisins, craisins, nuts, chocolate pieces, yogurt or ice cream.
Summer parfait: mixed berries, melon, peaches, sorbet or yogurt, and cereal.
Chocolate parfait: chcolate ice cream or pudding, chocolate bar pieces or chcolate candies, chcolate krispy cereal.
Monkey parfait: yogurt, peanut butter, bananas, granola, and coconut flakes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

3 Reasons to Be Happy

Well hey there! It's been long enough! I've meant to post something on here for quite a while... but I couldn't think of anything, didn't have the time... excuses, excuses...  Since I was a little girl I have been quite in awe of all things wedding, and my parents don't mind. So yesterday I went to my second bridal show in my little town here. The last one (last Sunday) was really good. I had a great time putsing around, poking my head around at vendors, and eating cake samples. At the one I went to yesterday- I went with four friends. I actully talked to some vendors, and one of them (a event planning buisiness) heard of my interest in party planning and  said that they would be interested as having me as an intern! Ah- my dream job! Yesterday's show had more food (yum-ness!), live music, and a fashion show in the middle of the room- whoa! It was so great to look around at dresses and eat food with friends for a couple hours... dreamy. Also- great news; my old piano teacher has moved back a couple streets over from us from Mississippi, so that means I get to learn piano again!!!! Yay! There are just so many reasons to be happy right now! Oh and- reason #3 is that it's supposed to snow here tonight!!!! I love the snow! I hope that this New Year is bringing you much joy :) God bless :) -Sharhaiah