Tuesday, July 3, 2012

America, America!!!

Hooray! Hooray! Happy Independence Day of the USA!  Points for rhyming... Yay! I was just sitting in my living room the other day thinking about America. It's so cool, there are no other words. This place, which we call America is just so blessed. I mean- yes we do have wars, terrible things going on, drugs, gangs, and lots of other things, but I've just heard so many negative things about our country so far, it's pretty sad. Can't we at least take one day to be happy, to stop complaining, and to keep our chins up? God has blessed our country so much, let's thank Him today for all the good things he has given us! Anyway, back to me being in my living room. So- I was in my living room thinking about how cool America is and just started listing off all the awesome things that give our country so much diverse character. Here's the list:

  -List of Things that I appreciate in, around and about America-
Freedom, liberty, love, family, Lady Liberty, Washington State, Montana's Mountains, Old Faithful, geysers, donuts, hot dogs, Food Network, camping, Teen Pact camps, churches, Nashville, wheat fields, picturesque views, museums, people, farms, cities, old diners, fireworks, community, aquariums, books, restraunts, Broadway, Ballet companies, diverse languages, friends, old buildings, history, houses, swing dancing, farmer's markets, snow, warm weather, Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift,orchestras, music, sand dunes, The Great Northwest, cupcake places, New York, Microsoft, photographers, horses, cars, nail polish, Disneyland, cable television, Pinterest, California, pie, the variety of Colleges, homeschooling, our Military, doctors, theaters, people who serve our country, life, the oceanJosh Groban, The Space Needlebuffaloes, Yellow Stone National Park, parks, aquatic centers, oreos, malls, kind people, the ability to do most everything, country music, guns, big trees, zoos, the kinds of candy we have here, the police, Oregon, the views, places to go, freedom of religion, food.

Of course you can find some of these things in other countries, but I really do appreciate them being here in America also. Also, I'm sure I'd appreciate some other States, I just haven't been to many of them. I'd encourage you this week to write down a list of everything you love about America, as it really reminds us of how much we are really blessed to live in America. I'd also like to thank all the people who are serving this country in order to make it free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Again- Happy Independence Day everyone! Have a safe and blessed 4th of July!