Sunday, March 25, 2012


   Welcome spring! Today is the first day that it has been "nice" this year- unless you think that snow is nice. It's sunny and around 60 something degrees. My bike is broken so I tried out a scooter with more success than I ever had- maybe I summoned up courage from my snowboarding experiance? It's just that I'm not very good at having anything moving under my feet, except for a bike which is fine because its more support with the seat and all that. But please do not be mistaken- I have tried skateboarding! So along with my bike being broken/tire flat, I really wanted to play badmition! Badmition is my ALL TIME most FAVORITE sport EVER!!! Not tennis, not ping pong, but badmition! Plus there's just something so classy about having a round of badmition in your own backyard (cheesy I know.) So... I really wanted to play badmition, but we lost the birdies :( So I jump roped, hooray (sarcasticly). I really need to find more to do around here! Maybe I'll do some watercolor later? Yeah? OK.

   Well as of now, my brother has been on a missions trip in El Salvador for about 3 days. I am so proud of him and I can't wait to hear the stories when he comes back. I cannot imagine the deliciously ( or not so delicious) warm weather that they are having down there.... oh summer please come soon. I cannot wait for more sunshine, and barefeet, and lemonade, and popsicles.... sigh. 

   Oh, I forgot to tell y'all. You may actually be getting sick of hearing this but on lets see... Friday, I saw The Hunger Games movie , and dude it was INTENSE!!! It was SO intense that I didn't even eat my candy until the last ten minutes of the movie. This movie is NOT a movie you want to see when you had a bad day, are depressed, or sad, or if you just cannot handle intense movies. Well, if you've read The Hunger Games books then you'd know that like alot of people die, and it's so sad. Spoiler warning:  When Rue dies- it's  the saddest most beautiful scene ever. If you've never read the books, or seen the movie you're probably wondering or saying to yourself  "wow. This girl is awful! Who would want to watch or read anything like that?" I'll tell you why- Katniss (the main girl) is a heroine, she stands up for her country, she fights for what is right, and she has mercy on those who are helpless. Dosen't every girl dream of being someone with as much courage and strength as Katniss? In the book they clearly state that she didn't want to kill anyone- she just needed to survive. It's like Bear Grylls, but way more intense and Katniss is a girl. If you don't agree with me, its all cool. 

Thanks for reading my blog readers of Sparkle the Stars. I really appreaciate it. God bless you all :)


Friday, March 2, 2012

Movie Soundtracks!!!!!

I love movie soundtracks so much. I was watching a movie with my friends the other day and we were trying to imagine it without a soundtrack- super dull! You should try it next time you watch a movie. I honestly love to go onto iTunes and go to the soundtracks section. Music makes the movie one hundred times better. Some music is just so simple- that a first grader could probably figure it out, and that's what makes some of these composers so genius. It's the moment when you hear that music and it takes you back to the movie. So since you can't exactly ( no not at all) hear these wonderful soundtracks that I listen to. Here's some videos.

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Original Movie Soundtrack by Harry Gregson Williams. Seriously- just skip to 3:29 when the violins start their amazingness- it gave me chills.

August Rush Original Sountrack by Mark Macina. Need I say more? The combination of the cello, the orchestra, the childs voice... stunning!

Loss of a Twin Eagle Eye Original Soundtrack by Brian Tyler. Very sad and emotional.

Kingdom Dance from Disney's movie Tangled. By Alan Menken. A wonderful Celtic dance tune. I love 1:15.

Dawn from Pride and Prejudice Original Soundtrack by Jean Yves-Thibaudet. Dreamy.

Night Time by Aaron Zigman & Alexandre Desplat. The whole movie just fits right into this theme song. It's wonderful and bouncy, but mysterious and magical all at once.
Dreamer Soundtrack (Suite) by John Debney. Okay, I know that this video is like 14 minutes long-but this is one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard. It just makes me think of a lovely horse farm, and pretty much everything beautiful that has to do with life, I hope you agree!

Inception Original Movie Soundtrack by Han Zimmer. This guy is a GENIUS!!!! So the movie is mind bloggling and now the soundtrack is too?! What?! Yeah I found this tidbit on The Pioneer You can read on her website more about her review on the movie too.

So that is all my friends. One of my favorite songs that I did not mention (most Honorable Mention) because I could not find video links, or links are: The Cider House Rules Sound Track- Theme from Cider House Rules by Rachel Portman. I have not seen the movie- but that one song always gets me. If you ever find any soundtracks that strike your fancy- I suggest that you please comment about them in the comments below or let me know :)  -Sharhaiah