Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food and Camera

Hello! So sad day- our camera broke:( Yeah I should really get my own camera. But lately I've been really inspired by other blogs and Pinterest to put some recipes on here! Like some real recipes- not just a yogurt parfait recipe... Anyway. I promise, promise, promise that as soon as we or I get a camera- there will be food on here! Yay! Are you excited? I'm excited, my tummy's excited :)  I hope y'all are doing dandy! Have a great week!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

I know it's a bit late. I had so much fun today riding bikes at sunset, smelling the warm spring air, eating hotdogs and ice cream with my mother dearest. I didn't expect today to be as amazing as it turned out to be. I wish I could have taken pictures- but our camera broke :( I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day!

            Happy Mother's Day
             to all the mothers!!!

                                                                      Love, Sharhaiah

Saturday, May 12, 2012


do not waste your beauty
on the mindless things
the things of this world
instead little flower
with tender heart so pretty
bury your roots in the Lord

today is not forever
you'll have to face the weather
but do not be afraid of the storm
soon the Son will greet you
you be safe
you'll be warm.

{by Sharhaiah}

Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer Air

The sky is warming up.
It's the time when you can feel spring's soft perfume in the air.
The bird's song tells of a new begining.
                                  A new day.
                                                 A new time.
                                                                  A restful place.

They say that happiness is on the rise.
That once again, the trees will beckon you with their strong shady boughs.
The sun will cast its rays of long days across the fields.
The earth will awaken fully from its long sleep,
and life
will sing you
              lullaby of summer.

{Poem by Sharhaiah}

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank you, happy day, twitter, pandora... lots of things.

Hey Y'all!
Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!! I am so happy right now :) Just so happy. It's funny, because even though I was sick this week, it's actually been a really great week! So I guess blogger got this "new thing"(... I don't know, it might not be new) where you can see how many page views your blog has gotten! And Sparkle the Stars has gotten 348 page views since November!!!! I didn't even know people looked at my blog! It's so amazing :D Thank you every single person who has even taken a peek at Sparkle the Stars!!! Yay!

Since my last post I've gotten two very nice, but addicting things- Twitter and Pandora. I like the way you can post a quick snippet on Twitter and hastag it without being as annoying as that would be on Facebook ( ohhh please!) Oh follow me @SMilicent :)! Also Pandora- I love it! I love Pandora because- you can listen your favorite music without having to pay for it on iTunes. Yesssss. Nice!

So speaking of sick days- what do you like to do when your sick? The traditional juice, toast and tv? Hot bath? When I'm sick I like to take a hot bath, watch Disney channel (I know- soooo low, but its so ridiculous it makes me laugh), eat toasted bread, drink tea, and just chill in my pjs. Oh, and sleep! Sleep is good!

Well it's time for me to hit the hay :) Again- Thank you everyone for viewing my site :) Blessings :)