Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Opus 256 million.7

I took a meteor shower
to clean myself
of all the doubts
I'd ever had

A starry sky
that whipped its jewels across
the velvet
playing a movement
Opus 256 million.7

A moment in the world
that no one waits for
taking our breath away
while shoving creation
into our faces

And the summer wind
that blows through our hair
blowing at our hard skins
and blowing all of our skepticism

All of the birds
didn't sound once
but waited and stood nearby
as the doubter stood on the edge
at the gates of heaven

We know they'll come
at least every year they'll come
the stars that ripple
the sky is the ocean

But every year
as street lights flicker in the distance
and life goes hurriedly on
at least once
we wonder
we wonder.