Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where We Be

Hey all y'all!
Greetings from super sunny North Cali!!!! Oh my word I am having THE greatest time here!!! It is beautiful, and sunny here :) For any of you who are wondering why I'm in Cali is because my great Aunt turned 80 and she wanted us all to come down here to stay in a big lake-house for a family reunion. We have met so many amazing people with amazing stories and great joy, happiness and friendship to share :) Here are some photos :) (photo courtesy of my brother Zack)

At the top of the house is a weather-vane with a pineapple and a cup of coffee- the pineapple symbolizes "welcome" and the coffee symbolizes "hospitality".

The floor of one of the showers!!!! Sooo pretty! It looks like a river in Autumn :)

This is a Lassen Burger. People used to wait 45 minutes just to get one of these. They are really big and juicy and full of flavor. It's an insult to ask for ketchup, but you don't need it at all!

Here's the beautiful lake and sunset!!!

Playin some old time fiddle tunes with my brother on guitar, and friend of the family playing the dobro- really neat!

Here I am on the dock next to the lake :) It's crazy that even after being on normal land for two hours, I still feel like I'm moving...

So there you go. My week so far has been incredible here. I hope you all are doing great! Blessings!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Comparison is the thief of joy" -Theodore Roosevelt

A couple nights ago, I was lying in bed pondering this quote and thinking about how content I am with who God made me to be, and what I can do. If I cannot paint a Monet, at least I can pick up a brush and paint only what I can paint. If I cannot write such poetics as Shakespere, and Frost, Bon Iver, and Elisabeth Edwards, but at least I can write only what I can write. That is the best thing about creativity and being yourself- there is never a wrong or a right, it just is. Being simply content with who you are is wonderful. Comparison is never fair to myself or the world- because I am not only stealing my own joy, but the world's joy in seeing me content in who God made me. Even if I don't start college right after graduation like other people do- it's okay. As my mom always tells me "No one's racing you to where you are supposed to be." Even if you don't get that job right away, that realationship dosen't work the way you invisioned, or your life dosen't seem to be going anywhere- wait! You are not everyone else! God has an amazing plan for your life. If you feel like everyone else is going places where you'd rather be, talk to God about it- He made the world, He has the maps, the blueprints, and the plans. It wasn't easy for me to get to a place like this where I slowly let God hold the reigns, and I still struggle with it, but I encourage you to do it as soon as possible. When you don't have to worry about your future, it's so amazing! We were never created to live other people's lives.  Be yourself, never die a copy!


This is a song that my lovely friend Nicky showed me. It's very relaxing. It has nothing to do with the post, but I just thought I would share it. :) Enjoy. ("Words" by Goldmund)