Saturday, November 1, 2014

This morning I woke up to the sound of a little boy beating a drum with his hands. The rhythm was right on beat but unique as it changed once and then. At first when I saw him and the other boys, I was astonished as their talent in rhythm, and I learned that they learn the drums when they are very young.

We had the immense privilege of hosting some members of the African Children's Choir. Not just any choir, but a group of 18 African children, taken from homes of poverty, and loss. Eighteen beautiful faces, and eighteen beautiful voices all singing and glorifying God.
We had three boys and a chaperone. The boys were a bit shy at first as most children are in a new place, but they quickly warmed up to us, making jokes, asking questions, and as you read above, playing the drums.

After each meal they said "thank you Auntie (or Uncle) for the food". And they helped clear the table. I so wanted to thank them for just being here, because they didn't just come to hang out with us, they came to change things. And they are changing things, one small voice and drum beat at a time. They are showing the world how much one person can do, and living out Jesus every single day, It's amazing to see them dancing and laughing and singing, even though they've done it more than a hundred times, in their costumes and sandals spreading a hope across the room.

When they first all come out to perform they are all shouting and running with their hands stretched out as if running a race. After the concert my mom commented "when they first come out into the room, you get to see real spiritual warfare right there, eighteen lives that come from such a impoverished background, shouting hope, showing the world that Jesus wins." It's true, and you can feel it there, these kids get to change the world.

If you or someone you know is interested in supporting, buying merchandise, or volunteering the African Children's choir, go to