Friday, September 19, 2014

Eyes. By Sharhaiah Chamberlain

One day I looked into your eyes
And I asked you how they came to be
love wanted
long and short stories
some joyful
and some desperately full of sorrow
a hope for tomorrow
to come
to run
to chase you
to the part of the story where
either everything will be alright
or even better than that-
all of your dreams come true
in your eyes of saltwater reflecting the skies

Seagulls chase each other
and waves bring stars, washing upon
your eyes
on the shore where children played
battles were won
some with volleyball nets
over bubbly and sandwiches and others
with guns

Sailors sailed trepid waters
and some just floated on a sunny day

I saw a memory
I saw a battle
I saw something
In your eyes.