Thursday, February 13, 2014


I just want to know- what makes the sad people dance?
When the day is over.
When the rain falls hard.
When the mud drowns all you had left, and all you planted.
When the last check is written.
When all the ones you thought loved you hate your face.
When love is hard to find.
When your friends are few.
When they turn their backs.
When the day is done.
When the last breath is drawn.
And the sky grows dark.
And all love seems dead.

A couple thousand years ago...
The day was over.
The rain fell hard.
The mud seemed to drown all that was left and planted.
The last check was written.
The ones who loved hated.
Love was hard to find.
Friends were few.
They turned their backs.
The day was done.
The last breath was drawn.
The sky grew dark.
All love seemed dead.

But, love was not dead...
The third day- it began!
His rain washed it away!
Out of the earth came new life!
The last check was written- a balance we can never repay!
The ones that hated, began to see.
Love was here.
Friends began to believe.
They turned themselves back.
The day had just begun.
Love was breathing.
The sky was full of hope.
Love was alive! And Jesus rose! He is alive!
Find hope! Find love! Find love in the truth that is Jesus! God will always have the power to turn the most hopeless days into GREAT joys!
That is what makes the sad people dance!!!!

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