Thursday, March 27, 2014


Write it on my heartstrings would you.
The theme is love
It starts with my heart.
An innocent object that means I am alive.
With each small breath as an infant
I breathed
I lived
In the thunder
In the rain
In the sun
In the snow
Shaking my heart to and fro
Where will it end up and where will it go?

It's really my heart, my soul
You can't show it off
Can't burn it in coal
Can't wear it on a tshirt
or place it on a pole.
You can't even throw it into the sea
Because it never belonged to me.

I place it in another's hands
To quench it in fire
soak it in water
because I'm a daughter
I pick up my crown
Knowing that someday I'll put it back down.
I won't be alone
there'll be people
There will be others
There I will sit
I will sit
And oh my heart
No one will define
Because in the end, it will not be mine.

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